Oxford Text Archive

The blog will focus on:

  • announcements of new resources in the Oxford Text Archive, and new features in the web interface;
  • explanations of how the OTA works and why, to help users make the most of it (e.g. how to log in, how SAML2 authentication works);
  • announcement of and reports from events with OTA involvement;
  • news about collaborations and connections, e.g. with CLARIN and DARIAH, and with developments in the UK research infrastructure;
  • legacy posts about the OTA and digital humanities, rescued from unreliable platforms.

The blog represents personal views, and is not the official blog of any organisation.

Author: Martin Wynne

Martin Wynne is a digital research specialist, corpus linguist and repository manager in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics at the University of Oxford.

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